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Summer 2017
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Do you want to change the world and benefit society and the economy by turning university technology into a successful business enterprise? Learn how and get started! Be a part of a course that was created at Stanford University, has made its way to universities across the nation including Berkeley, Princeton and Georgia Tech, and is now offered at UA. Crimson Startup is a 6 week experiential program where you participate on a team to explore entrepreneurship firsthand. You and your team will talk to potential customers, partners, and other stakeholders to search for and find a repeatable and scalable business model. You and your team will present each week what you learned and receive feedback from other teams and be guided by coaches who teach the Lean Launchpad approach to entrepreneurship. We are seeking students like you to participate in Crimson Startup. Whether you have an idea or want to join another team, the Crimson Startup program gives you the tools to turn your research, technology, or idea into a product, service or process that benefits society. Crimson Startup is offered each semester. Learn more and apply online:

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Learn more and apply online: Please indicate which semester you prefer: fall, spring or summer Please indicate if you have your own idea or if you are looking to join a team.

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Crimson Startup meets Wednesdays, June 7 - July 12, 2017 in AIME 110 We accept 8-10 teams of 3-4 students each per semester. We offer Crimson Startup each fall, spring and summer

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