Developing capacitive pressure sensors for the capture of breath information via voice and instrument

Required Availability
Fall 2022
Course Credit?
Yes - CHE498
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The Koh Lab has a significant depth of experience creating novel dielectric materials for capacitive pressure sensors. So far, our work has focused on high loads such as those you may expect under the foot from walking. In this project, we look to expand our usage of capacitive pressure sensors to capture information about breath in two unique ways. First, we will put capacitive pressure sensors in instruments to record pressure changes from the vibrations caused by breathing. Second, we will develop pressure sensors to be worn on the torso to quantify breathing patterns of vocal students in order to better quantify the methods needed to properly control breath with the long term goal of developing training programs for at home therapy for breathing conditions. The student will become familiar with the process of creating dielectric materials, will especially work with the creation of stretchable electrodes, and the total packaging of the sensor for placement on the body or in an instrument.

Special Directions

Send Dr. Koh your transcript and CV along with description of interest.

Special Skills

All years may apply, but note that this work will involve doing some materials engineering so EE and MechE majors are welcome to apply if this interests you.

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