Evaluating Novel Surfactants for High Internal Phase Emulsion Polymer Foams as Water Treatment Technology

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Fall 2022
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Yes - CHE498
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Chemical Engineering | Chemistry
Amanda Koh

The Koh Lab is currently working on developing new surfactants with a variety of different structures to create high internal phase emulsion polymer foams (pHIPE). With this library of surfactants we need to characterizing interfacial tension and then utilize the highest performing surfactant to create adsorbent foams. This project will involve the fundamental characterization of the surfactants, with the additional project of building a suitable enclosure for the instrument, as well as the creation of pHIPE. Final aspects of this project will be the validation of adsorbency of the pHIPE using simple contaminants.

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Students should send Dr. Koh their transcript and CV along with description of interest.

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All years are acceptable.

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