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Psychophysiological Assessment of PowerPATH, a Social-Emotional Early Childhood Intervention

Approximately 550 Head Start preschool children were enrolled in an intervention study to determine the effectiveness of an intervention to improve social and emotional well-being and school readiness. We are now assessing these children 2 years later, in 1st grade, to see what lasting impact the intervention had. Students selected for this research opportunity will become part of a team that visits schools and assesses children. While one team member interviews the child, another monitors physiological responses related to stress (e.g., changes in heart rate and skin conductance). This is used to help us understand individual differences in children's responses to a non-threatening but novel encounter with a stranger asking them to do a se...

Required Availability
Fall 2017 | Spring 2018
Course Credit?
Yes - ANT 451-001
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