Optimizing extrusion parameters for stretchable fibers and wearable sensors

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Fall 2022
Course Credit?
Yes - CHE498
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The Koh Lab has recently completed a custom-built mini extruder for making thermoplastic elastomer fibers. With this extruder, we can make stretchable fibers either as 3D printing substrates or as dielectric materials for wearable pressure sensors. In order to optimize the fibers we will explore various metal and ceramic fillers and loadings. The student part of this project will not only optimize the parameters needed to optimally extrude fibers with varying thicknesses but will also learn to characterize the mechanical and electrical properties of the fibers and thermoplastic materials independently as well as, ideally, in a stretchable device.

Special Directions

Students interested should send their CV and transcript to Dr. Koh as well as a description of their interest.

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