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Our lab (ADIE) is looking for passionate undergraduate students working together! Our lab ADIE (adaptive design of immersive e-learning lab) is currently studying how immersive learning technologies support marginalized learners in STEM education. Educational technology is an academic discipline that addresses ways to utilize technologies to make our society, world, and education better. We believe that engaging digital platforms (e.g., VR and digital games) can help underrepresented students to be involved in education with pursuing the value of diversity, inclusion and equity. For instance, the major research project that our lab is doing is the design and development of a digital game-based learning platform aimed to enhance integrated STEM learning experiences of youths with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) through Minecraft gameplay. Integrated STEM learning (STEM + computing education) is an interdisciplinary and emerging research field that integrates computing concepts with STEM disciplines. Related to this field, this project aims at enhancing ASD students’ STEM literacy by utilizing the integral ideas of computer science (e.g., switches and conditionals, loops) and engineering (e.g., design thinking) during gameplay. This project will host a server-driven (remote) Minecraft world and develop game-based learning modules to foster ASD students’ immersive play experiences in integrated STEM learning. The ultimate goal of this project is to complete a 3D Minecraft world with detailed instructional design documents (e.g., lesson plans and a competency model) to implement game-based learning in Minecraft. By joining this project, you can get the sense of instructional design (ID) / educational game design / academic research of educational technology. The type of contribution the applicant can do would be varied depending on his/her academic and career interests. If you are looking for opportunities to experience any instructional design and technology research, it would be a good chance. Dr. Jewoong Moon will give mentorships to guide students' career development particularly in educational technology fields.

Special Directions

Students are encouraged to submit CVs or resumes that include their academic interests, backgrounds, and skills. They will be reviewed to seek your research interest under this project. Using study findings, students are encouraged to submit student-leading proposals to major educational technology-related conferences (ILRN, AECT, ICLS, and SITE).

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Required: (Microsoft 365 software and Google docs) Preferred: Knowledge of R, Python, and Java is preferred. Backgrounds of autism spectrum disorder

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