Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology

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The End of Time
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Yes - CHE 491/498
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The Summers research lab is always looking for motivated undergraduate students who are interested in performing research at the interface of engineering, microbiology, and biochemistry. Students will work on one of several projects related to genetic engineering of bacteria and yeast, including: (1) Elucidation of how bacteria recognize and respond to caffeine in their environment (2) Development of tools to engineer bacteria and yeast (3) Engineering bacteria to create high-value chemicals (4) Engineering yeast cells to produce high-value chemicals Students should expect to spend 6-10 hours per week in the lab. A commitment of at least one academic year is requested, but ideally students will continue to perform research in the lab for the remainder of their time at UA. Course credit is available if desired after discussing with Dr. Summers (1 semester hour = 3 hours in the lab each week).

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Interested students should email Dr. Summers to inquire about availability.

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